Suggest some best yoga mats for comfortable yoga practice

I started practicing yoga few weeks ago. For practicing yoga, I purchased two mats but both failed to give me a comfortable yoga session whenever I use them. Please provide me good yoga mat suggestions that can give me comfortable yoga session. 

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Yoga Jan 20, 2015 1 Answer 3 views

How yoga mats can be harmful for our body?

I just read an article which says that yoga mats are hazardous for our skin and can be very harmful for our body. How can yoga mats be harmful? Please provide me relevant answer. Thank you. 

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Yoga Jan 19, 2015 1 Answer 4 views

How to select best yoga mat

I recently joined a yoga class. I am trying to select a yoga mat for me, which can give my body relaxing experience and no energy is lost while doing my yoga poses. Suggest some ways that can help me in choosing best yoga mats for me.

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Yoga Jan 19, 2015 1 Answer 2 views