Regarding the use of Food supplement Endura Mass

Hello Sir,

I am Ravi. 29 years old. I have tried so many ways to gain weight but not get any satisfactory result out of it. My weight is 51 Kgs and I do not have a good diet. Should I go for Endura Mass food supplement available in the market to gain weight. How much safe and effective it i

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How to maintain our health while working

My shifts keep dynamical each month. Generally, a day shift or night shifts or sometimes evening to mid-night shifts. In such circumstances, I have no mounted time of sleeping, and eating. Therefore, I have no way to slenderize in such circumstances an

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How safe are the natural medicine?

How does one feel regarding natural medicines given rather than antibiotics for health like Bacterial pneumonia, Cholera, etc? Will it facilitate? is it safe to prefer natural medicine rather than antibiotics?

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