How to download blue stacks onto my PC?

i've tried downloading it on my PC many times but in between the downloading process my computer hangs up or it just shows downloading even after 2 hours. Any solution for this problem ? Is there a specific site to download Bluestacks?
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Webmasters/Bloggers Jun 06, 2014 0 Answer 41 views

Does blogger analytics shows fake visitor

My blogger visitor is ranging 600 to 700/day. But, suddenly got shocked by logging in blogger. I don't why my visitor increased in a day. Blogger analytics shows 1k visitor yesterday. And today reached to 1500 visitor. Does this blogger analytics shows fake visitor??
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Webmasters/Bloggers Jan 11, 2014 0 Answer 111 views

Why Adsense pageviews differ from Google Analytics?

I Recently created new blog related to tech and got fully approved from Google Adsense. My blog receives 500-600 traffic day by day and goes on increases. But In Google adsense, doesn't shows exact traffic of my blog, how to increase adsense page veiws-easily. Any simple way to
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Webmasters/Bloggers Jan 10, 2014 0 Answer 48 views