Not receiving emails from Google Alerts subscriptions

I have added some alerts in 12th February 2014 in Google Alerts for some keywords and I have got 2-3 emails from the Google Alerts on 13th February and 14th February, Since then, I haven't received any emails from the system.

No emails found in SPAM folder too.

I have thorough

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General Feb 24, 2014 1 Answer 84 views

How to view someone's private Instagram profile?

I have found some good Instagram profiles who have much more followers but they have kept their profiles private. I think only his/her followers could watch the users' profile photos. I don't want to stalk the users but I want to learn how did they managed to bring in so much of followers overn

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General Feb 18, 2014 2 Answer 8872 views

How to type kannada fonts in facebook posts and comments?

How can I type and post in kannada language fonts in Facebook posts and facebook comments? Do I have to download a separate kannada software? I have Nudi and Baraha software installed in my PC, but not able to type in kannada fonts in Facebook status updates and comments.
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General Feb 16, 2014 1 Answer 269 views