Is oculus vr DK2 replaces all other present gaming consoles?

I have seen Oculus VR DK2 this gaming console is very intresting and seems to give an entire different gaming experience .. Is this new Oculus gaming console replaces Xbox and playstation ? My question is it has that much worth technically and other things, if so i will place an order to have it as
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Gaming Apr 01, 2014 0 Answer 100 views

How to avoid rats' power in custom hero footies, warcraft online game?

By using rats, players can stop the enemy heroes to use their spells. It will put an exclamation mark i the head of the heroes and other units with auras. Is there any way to avoid such power blockage by rats? How to stop those rats spells on heroes in Custom Hero Footies, Warcraft Frozen Throne on
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Gaming Feb 27, 2014 0 Answer 90 views