How to take snap shot of my screen in Samsung tab3?

I want to save some pictures but because of two reasons,1.size of the image.2 Accessibility problem . so, to save those pictures in less size is to take snap shot of my own tab screen . Ho w to take snapshot in Samsung tab 3.
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Gadgets Mar 31, 2014 1 Answer 68 views

How to fix switch-off problem in NOKIA Lumia 920

Hey guys, I am using NOKIA Lumia 920 and I like it in many ways ,But the only problem irritating me is sudden switch-off of the phone while using it... Is it a general bug in this phone or its happens only in my case, anyway please suggest a way to fix this problem
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Gadgets Mar 25, 2014 0 Answer 65 views

What are the new features in iphone6, and when it will be in market?

I am very much awaiting for iPhone6 and want to its releasing date and features which are going to add in it. I came to know through different sites that APPLE is going to add a health monitoring app and many more in it .. If anyone knows detailed list of new features in iPhone6 which are going to a
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Gadgets Mar 25, 2014 0 Answer 45 views

Fix for samsung BD Blu-Ray dvd player keeps ejecting disc?

I have a Samsung smart blu ray DVD player that was bought 14 months ago. It was working fine till last week. Now, whatever disc I insert ito the player, the player ejects the disc. If I insert the DVD disc again, then after few seconds, the disc wil be ejected.

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Gadgets Feb 27, 2014 0 Answer 337 views