How to fix switch-off problem in NOKIA Lumia 920

Hey guys, I am using NOKIA Lumia 920 and I like it in many ways ,But the only problem irritating me is sudden switch-off of the phone while using it... Is it a general bug in this phone or its happens only in my case, anyway please suggest a way to fix this problem
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Gadgets Mar 25, 2014 0 Answer 65 views

How can I buy Nokia Lumia 1320 smartphone in New York, US?

I am from Baffalo, New York and I want to buy the affordable Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows Phone smartphone. However, I have read somewhere that the device has been launched in China and it will be released in other Asian countries in coming weeks. There is now word related to the US release. Is there an
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Gadgets Dec 28, 2013 0 Answer 169 views

Can I use T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 521 with Straight Talk?

I want to buy the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Phone from Wallmart online, which says "T-Mobile pre-paid Nokia Lumia 521 4G smartphone". Is that the unlocked smartphone or do I have to unlock it to use with theStraight Talk network?

I am still using the old

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What os is used in HTC 8XT?

HTC announced their latest smartphone 8XT last month but i am confused about it's operating system. Is it Windows Phone or Android?

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Gadgets Aug 02, 2013 1 Answer 133 views