How to type kannada fonts in facebook posts and comments?

How can I type and post in kannada language fonts in Facebook posts and facebook comments? Do I have to download a separate kannada software? I have Nudi and Baraha software installed in my PC, but not able to type in kannada fonts in Facebook status updates and comments.
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General Feb 16, 2014 1 Answer 269 views

How to Change the Description on Facebook Page????

I recently created an Official facebook page.. I updated a Status during the making process & now I want to change my description How do i go about it??? I really want to change it,anyone with any knowledge on how can i change it please comment Thanks, Warm regards, Divyesh Khorawa.
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General Nov 14, 2013 1 Answer 156 views

How to unfollow any posts on Facebook mobile app?

I want to unfollow irritating posts, where I previously commented or liked on. I can do this in desktop browser, but in mobile app, there are no option too unfollow any posts other than report spam option. Why don't Facebook brings the unfollow posts features to Facebook mobile application?
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General Sep 12, 2013 1 Answer 549 views

How to copy texts from Facebook mobile app?

I want to copy the texts in comments our posts from Facebook mobile app in android phones or iPhone. I tried all the ways but there is no option to copy the texts by long pressing over the texts. It's there any tricks to copy the texts on Facebook mobile application. Note: I can able to copy texts o
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General Sep 12, 2013 1 Answer 234 views