How to use here maps in android application development?

I want to develop an app related to maps and navigation. I feel here maps are pretty awesome rather than google maps in some aspects. So, I wish to use here maps to develop ANDROID app.. So, please give clear way ((If possible step by step process) to do this...
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Android Mar 25, 2014 0 Answer 64 views

How to use here maps on Android and IOS

I love Nokia HERE maps very much and even more than google maps ... and I want to install HERE maps on my Samsung Ace Android Phone or in iPhone4s ... so please give a way to install HERE maps in those mobile OS
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Android Feb 28, 2014 1 Answer 174 views

How to remove/uninstall Lookout antivirus app from android phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone and I don't know how this antivirus application named as Lookou Security has been downloaded and installed in my device. Now I want to remove/delete/uninstall the app as it is very irritating and I don't think it's an effective solution. When I went to the a
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Gadgets Feb 11, 2014 0 Answer 125 views