Is "DREAM-ON" really works to give a dream on your wish?

I have come across an app named "Dream-ON" which states that one can get a dream on his/her own wish.This app available for iOs only.. My question is how Dream-On works or gives Dreams on User wish....Is it really work as they told,Ifanyone used/have been using guys and gals can give your opinion ,
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Gadgets Mar 31, 2014 1 Answer 50 views

How to use here maps in android application development?

I want to develop an app related to maps and navigation. I feel here maps are pretty awesome rather than google maps in some aspects. So, I wish to use here maps to develop ANDROID app.. So, please give clear way ((If possible step by step process) to do this...
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Android Mar 25, 2014 0 Answer 64 views

Android tablet v7 4.0 stuck on android logo.

my android tablet vmax v7 android 4.0 stuck on android logo .when I press power boutton long when it go I hear a click sound I TRY THE METHOD OF VOLUM UP AND POWER BOUTTON BUT FAIL when i press power boutton long then its go on but it stuck on android tablet please help me.thanks

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Android Mar 06, 2014 1 Answer 284 views

How to use here maps on Android and IOS

I love Nokia HERE maps very much and even more than google maps ... and I want to install HERE maps on my Samsung Ace Android Phone or in iPhone4s ... so please give a way to install HERE maps in those mobile OS
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Android Feb 28, 2014 1 Answer 174 views


How to convert Smali into Java code or How to use the smali code in downloaded Android APK file to understand the code of thE original android app. I downloaded some apk files to understand the code by studying the code in that apk files but the code in smali language in which I don't know much, so
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Android Feb 28, 2014 0 Answer 370 views